A project where any Internet user can earn absolutely without investment the most popular cryptocurrency of the 21st century, namely the BITCOIN cryptocurrency! There are no paid tariffs in our project, we do not accept investments, and this means that no one will ever lose their savings using the services of our project. The most valuable thing for a person is time, and we are ready to reward you for your time that you will devote to our project.
In the project "HOUSE OF BITCOIN" There are many ways to earn Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You do not require any special skills, everything in the project is done in such a way that even a beginner in the field of making money on the Internet can understand everything on an intuitive level. Become an active participant in the project right now and spend your free time interestingly, and most importantly, profitable for yourself.


Complete a simple registration and create your own bitcoin home. We offer you to earn absolutely free, in different sections of the project. There are many of them and all of them will bring you profit! Your earnings are not limited by anything. We have no restrictions on both the earnings itself and the withdrawal of earned funds. The "HOUSE OF BITCOIN" project was created for you, for us, for everyone! A well-thought-out economic component, by highly qualified economists, will allow the project to function forever, to please you and everyone who has joined this house. After registration, set your personal settings and start earning. Each of you is priceless for us, because you will devote your priceless time to us. Each of the participants will be provided with personal support when questions arise.


In the "Bitcoin faucet" section, you can earn Satoshi every hour by clicking on the "SPIN" button. Prizes are randomly generated and depend on the number that is generated automatically after pressing the button. The table shows the numbers and the prize that corresponds to the defined numbers. With each attempt, you have the opportunity to win up to 0.007 bitcoins.
You have the opportunity to earn bitcoins in the amount of 5 satoshi per hour using our mining system. Click on the "Start Mining" button to activate the miner.
Every three hours you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 20 Satoshi.
Offers, a very lucrative way to earn bitcoins by performing certain tasks, namely browsing websites, completing simple surveys, and completing simple tasks.
Playing simple games, you can earn 0.2 satoshi every minute, the sponsors of this kind of earnings for you are the developers of the online game with whom we have signed a long-term contract.
PTC views - a way to earn money by viewing various advertisements. It is profitable, does not require any effort, besides, you can open new interesting horizons for yourself on the Internet.
In addition to the fact that you earn in different sections, great prizes are waiting for you in the "QUESTS" section. A quest is a chain of actions that must be completed in order to receive a reward.

This is not the end of the ways to earn money in the "HOUSE OF BITCOIN" pyrect, there are other sections that will bring you income for your various actions. Always remember, in the "HOUSE OF BITCOIN" income you will receive only your activity! No investment! Only activity and your time!